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Post  Feldman on Sat Feb 06, 2010 12:17 pm

No nation should be able to own the Arctic and the nation resources that are speculated to be found there. Malawi believes that because of the potential for the region to escalate into a massive world war, the entire Arctic should be a demilitarized zone and should be left to international science agencies to study and research. No country should be allowed to claim any territory whatsoever in the Arctic. Malawi is a member of several different research groups and believes that instead of arming the arctic, the world would be better off studying the arctic. International science organizations would be allowed to conduct research pending a resolution in both the general assembly and the security council. Countries that wish to spend money on the arctic should also consider making contributions to help third world countries and turn them into viable trading partners. Malawi is home to vast uranium deposits, largely untouched, that could make dependency on oil and natural gas less necessary with the creation of more nuclear power plants.
In terms of nuclear terrorism Malawi is a signatory of the NPT, CTBT, and a member of the IAEA. Malawi is a big supporter of ridding the world of nuclear weapons and believes that no nation should have them. Although Malawi is grateful to the United States for their donations to help sustain Malawi’s agrarian economy, Malawi believes that all countries should disarm. Malawi would also like to suggest establishing NFBs (nuclear fuel banks) in all areas of the world that would be controlled by the IAEA, leaving no country with unilateral access to nuclear material. Countries can freely use uranium from these banks but must show that all the uranium is accounted for. Nuclear reactors should also be taken over by the IAEA to ensure no tampering. Malawi would be very willing to sell its vast uranium deposits to the fuel bank for enrichment.


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